»I was only 7 years when the accident happened. Through my father I learned what a great driver Ayrton Senna was. He was a big fan of his and gave me a “Senna” doll and a small Senna toy car. However, the closest I was ever able to get to him was watching a friday training from a grandstand at Hockenheim Grand Prix. Sadly, I never had the chance to meet him in person. Later on during my racing career I learned a lot about him from people in and outside the Paddock as a person and a driver. What I particularly valued about him, much later on, was that he was not only one of the best racing drivers ever but that he also showed compassion and support for the often critical social problems and poverty in his home country Brazil. This support continues today, thirty years on, thanks to the Senna Foundation. The legacy of a great driver. I would like to remember Ayrton Senna with all his fans today and forever.« (Sebastian Vettel)

"I realized that wearing a simple t-shirt with a message can promote discussion about issues that matter. If everyone does something and we all try to raise awareness in our circle of friends and surroundings, then together we can make a difference and influence those around us. By purchasing a shirt, you can support me in this endeavour, as all proceeds go to organizations and projects that are close to my heart. Thank you for your support!" (Sebastian Vettel)